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GingerMay (UK and Pan Europe)

GingerMay is a multi-award winning global PR and marketing consultancy. They were crowned Best B2B PR Agency 2018 and are one of the top 10 fastest growing PR agencies in Europe. GingerMay's reputation and numerous accolades are driven by a reputation for strong relationships with clients and journalists, as well as remarkable thinking

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TechUnited is an empowering force for all innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs achieving this by uniting our community to embolden the “what ifs” so that we accelerate opportunity, propel ideas into action, in order to build a better future for all.

Peter Harris has served on the board for TechUnited since 2017. 

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Thrive (Australia)

Thrive has been at the top of the PR game for nearly two decades. As a heavyweight independent agency, with more than fifty staff and five offices across Australasia, Thrive combines the “best of both worlds” when it come to attributes of the multinational and boutique agencies ; big agency resources, investment in the best talent, unrivalled best practice standards and processes, yet coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom to do things differently.

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Pitchfork Partners (India)

Pitchfork Partners is a strategy consultancy committed to taking care of your reputation right from building it to protecting and maintaining it. Pitchfork is a new-age strategy consultancy, specializing in corporate and business issues that needs holistic solutions. They are agnostic of media, partner, channel or technology.

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Ashton Consulting (Japan)

Ashton Consulting is an independent company based in Tokyo. They specialize in Japan, and through a network of partner agencies provide coordinated communications services throughout Asia and in all the world's major markets. Since 2000, Ashton Consulting has helped clients raise their presence and manage their reputation in Japan by providing strategic advice and first-rate implementation across cultural and international borders.

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Improve your company's online reputation with RepUvue's suite of reputation monitoring, listening and review tools. They deliver accurate brand intel so you can run your business with world-class customer service, engage with your customers, respond to negative reviews and increase your share of voice. You'll know what's being said about your brand and monitor your competition in local searches.

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Techonomy: Strategic Partner

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Techonomy casts its lens broadly across technology, business and society. We believe that all leaders should, in effect, become technologists. We seek conversation at the highest level about the potential for technology and business to drive social progress. They host conferences, publish articles and videos, work with partners in a myriad of ways, and advocate for a greater understanding about the pace of change and what it means.

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